Etiquette & What to Expect

  • Etiquette & What to Expect
    • Please arrive on time for class. Even a little early would be good so that you do not disturb class and you can settle in and get ready for your practice.
    • Wear comfortable clothing that allows full range of motion, and since many classes in the studio are warm, be sure not to overdress.
    • Often beginners may feel an array of feelings or sensations such as tight hips, nausea, dizziness, and cluttered mind. These feelings or sensations will change and subside as you continue to practice.
    • There are mats and props available at the studio, but you are welcome to bring your own private mats and props.┬áIf using our mats, we have a spray cleaner for you to wipe down your mat with and there is a donation cup for the use of studio props so we can continue to broaden our prop and library room.
    • You will be more comfortable if you refrain from eating two to three hours before class (a shorter time frame is fine for prenatal students). It is best for the body not to be digesting while you are practicing, since it can make certain postures uncomfortable. If necessary, try to eat something light before coming to class.
    • Water is best saved for before or after classes (with the exception of prenatal yoga) as this cools the core temperature, but if thirst becomes distracting or you are feeling unhealthy, please have some water.
    • Please turn your cell phones off in the studio.
    • Use your quiet voices in the hallways so you do not disturb sessions or massage treatments.
    • Please let your teacher know if you are pregnant, have any injuries or mobility limitations, or if you are on any strong medications.
    • Be sure that the class you have chosen to attend is appropriate for your level of practice. If you are unsure what class is best for you please contact us.
    • Remember to listen to your body. It is important to move mindfully in your practice. Try to be content with where your body is at. Be patient with your practice, and take modifications when needed. If you are not sure of what modification to use please ask your teacher.
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