Our History

Bodywise Yoga, Pilates & Massage Therapy: the little studio with a big heart.

Bodywise was originally Bodywise Yoga Studio (2006) and Clinique Masso-Soma Therapy Inc (2003). Both began with focuses on therapy, preventative health care, and full being wellness. The companies were amalgamated in 2016.

Bodywise is Moncton’s oasis, an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here you can slow down and learn how to release and deal with mental and physical stress. Bodywise offers a variety of yoga and Pilates classes, in addition to massage therapy, all under one roof. Owners Beth Dobson and Sasha Rooney are registered massage therapists as well as yoga and Pilates instructors.

As soon as you walk into Bodywise, you know this place is a little different than most studios and clinics we see today. It is located in the heart of Moncton’s downtown in the Brown Holder Building, a locally designated historic structure. Built in 1931, this refurbished biscuit factory is a beautiful example of 1930s modern industrial architecture. The unique and attractive space sets the tone for the self care that is fostered here. All of the treatment, whether in class or massage therapy, addresses both the body and the mind.

The teachers and therapists at Bodywise are experienced and well-educated. Some of the teachers are also registered massage therapists, giving them an incredible awareness of anatomy and body mechanics to help keep students safe. This background also allows them to give very comprehensive home care instruction to massage clients. Other teachers are registered holistic nutritionists, Ayurvedic herbalists, and Thai yoga massage practitioners. All teachers and therapists have studied their respective styles and treatment types at great lengths.

After having studied the body so deeply, and treating so many different bodies, it is apparent that teaching Pilates or yoga is no small task,” says Beth. “People often come to these practices thinking that they can’t get hurt and that they will magically fix their mental and physical pain. When taught well they are incredibly therapeutic and can have these effects, but if not taught well there is definitely a potential for injury and the creation of dangerous body habits. Everyone’s body is so different and what may feel good, safe, and therapeutic to one person may be the complete opposite for another. This is why Sasha and I do our very best to have teachers and therapists that can really provide the therapy that comes from deep knowledge and understanding of the traditions and science of these practices.”

Bodywise provides ongoing yoga and Pilates classes on a session basis. Several styles of yoga are offered, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kripalu, Hatha, and Yin, as well as Pilates for all levels of experience and abilities. Private instruction and on- or off-site corporate and group classes are available. Bodywise also offers registered massage therapy in several modalities including Thai yoga massage, myofascial release, cranio-sacral, soft tissue release, prenatal massage, general therapeutic and relaxation massage. In addition, there are programs and treatments that combine massage with yoga or Pilates.

Bodywise is currently developing new online content which includes instructional yoga and Pilates videos as well as home care videos for massage clientele. Click here to visit our free YouTube channel.

“We are committed to using massage, yoga, and Pilates as therapy to guide people in finding and maintaining their optimal physical and mental health,” says Sasha. “Our vision is to create an environment of understanding, respect, and self empowerment in our city that is accessible to everyone, in turn creating a more close-knit community focused on the health and well being of all.”

We look forward to seeing you soon at Bodywise Yoga, Pilates & Massage Therapy!


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