General Relaxation Massage

  • General Massage or General Swedish Massage

    General massage or general Swedish massage is the manual manipulation of the skeleto-muscular tissue for general maintenance and relaxation. Many people opt to have treatments once a month to every six weeks. This helps to keep muscles and body tissues in optimal health, and reduce pain caused by muscle tension, incorrect posture and stress. This is a relaxing treatment which can take anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes and can be applied to the whole body or a specific area.

    General massage is performed on a table, with the client under sheets and only the area being treated exposed. These treatments are usually performed directly on the skin. Pressure is to your tolerance and preference, massage oil or cream is used and often hot packs are used.

    Stress is linked to much of our pain and illness in our society, so regular relaxation massage is wonderful for the treatment and prevention of such issues. Having an hour to simply relax and release tension is incredibly therapeutic and is wonderful part of a good preventative health regime.

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