Maintenance Massage Treatment

  • Much of the pain that many people experience in the body comes from postural imbalance and imbalance of strengths and weaknesses in the body, including in the breath. At Bodywise we have staff that are both massage therapists and yoga or Pilates instructors. Both Pilates and yoga can help to address these imbalances within the body, breath and mind. To that end we offer the maintenance and massage treatment in which half of your treatment is spent in a one-on-one yoga or Pilates session and the other half in massage. This will arm you with information to make the benefits of your massage last even longer and prevent pain from returning. This can even be billed through insurance policies! We suggest having a minimum 60 minute appointment for this but preferably 90 minutes (45 minutes in maintenance and 45 minutes of massage) to get the most out of both portions of this service. Pricing for this is the same as regular treatment and is based on the length of your appointment.
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