Thai Yoga Massage

  • What is Thai yoga massage?

    Thai yoga massage can be best described as passive or assisted yoga. It is a combination of yoga, Tai-chi and massage and it has been performed in Thailand for thousands of years in many variations. Thai yoga massage is often used in conjunction with Ayurveda, an ancient healing art that is a sister science to yoga. Your specific treatment takes into account your body, personality, energy and stress levels to ensure you achieve your goals. Thai yoga massage helps to connect the body, mind and spirit and bring them into balance.

    What to expect at a Thai yoga massage session

    Thai yoga massage is done on a soft large mat on the floor. You should wear comfortable clothing that you can move well in and that is not too loose. Before beginning the treatment, your therapist will go over your goals for the treatment and assess your body type, how you handle stress and illness and your personality and energy levels. Your treatment plan is then created based on these items. During the treatment you will be sitting and lying on your stomach and back. Your practitioner will guide you into passive yoga postures using their hands, arms, legs and feet. All movements are done to your ability and tolerance. Thai yoga massage should never be painful or strenuous so there is no need to be flexible. Your therapist will coach you on breathing during the movements to aid in your relaxation and achieving your treatment goal. Massage and acupressure are woven into the treatment to open your body for more movement and to stimulate internal organs. At the end of the treatment, your therapist may give you some yoga postures or breathing techniques to practice at home to prolong the effects of the massage and bring your body into even better harmony.

    What are the benefits of Thai yoga massage?

    Thai yoga massage shares many benefits with yoga and massage including:

    • Increasing flexibility and circulation while decreasing stress, muscular pain and stiffness. Thai yoga massage also helps improve posture which is one of the largest contributors to chronic back and neck pain.
    • Improving your body awareness. In other words, it helps you get to know your own body better.
    • Depending on the approach that you and your practitioner decide to take, Thai yoga massage can be invigorating and/or grounding.
    • If you are already a yoga practitioner it can assist you in getting deeper into various postures that you may not have been able to achieve on your own.
    • After having a Thai yoga massage many people say they feel lighter, taller, and experience increased mobility. They also feel more peaceful and positive.


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