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Restorative yoga is an extremely passive and healing style of yoga where the ultimate goal is relaxation and restoration of the nervous system. This style helps you achieve a deep state of physical, mental, and emotional relaxation with the use of props in long-held passive yoga postures.

This style of yoga is ideal for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion or simply needing the time and space to be able to relax deeply and let go.

Each class will begin with light movement before going into our longer held poses. We will explore breathing practices, as well as learn how these different techniques and yoga poses affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Deep rest is necessary for resiliency in our lives; the restorative practice is a simple way to move into the deep stillness necessary to restore and rejuvenate.



This 6-week session for mom and baby is designed to re-awaken and strengthen the core after pregnancy. We will focus on specific muscles and areas of the body most commonly affected due to the physical changes that occur during pregnancy. All props and equipment provided.


Kundalini is called the yoga of awareness. It is designed to awaken our potential that is dormant inside of us (Kundalini energy). This is done through the form of Kriya (specific set of actions that have an expected outcome). These Kriyas contain pranayama (breath work), yoga postures, mudras (hand gestures or positions that change the flow of the energy), and mantras (repetition of sacred sounds). Some Kriyas are very vigorous and some are more relaxed and meditative.  A traditional Kundalini class will contain a Kriya or Yoga set, deep relaxation with or without gong, meditation, and chanting. Every class is different and you never know what will come next. Expect to feel uplifted and energized!



Same class as described above – different day and time slot!



Heard of Pilates but not really sure what it is? Join Sasha for an informative 6 weeks where you will start with the beginner repertoire, gain an understanding of your core, and then apply those foundations to your progression of exercises.

Pilates is a physical fitness system designed to improve strength, endurance, and posture and is ideal for those with back injuries or those seeking proper alignment. Movements are similar to yoga, but include more concentrated movements with particular emphasis on improving the core.

This class is also suitable for intermediate level students, as each exercise has options for varying degrees of difficulty.


In this series we will go through postures very slowly and gently, learning ways to modify poses to honour your body and where you are in your practice as well as delving into the deeper purpose of the poses and exercises both physically and mentally. We use many props and tools to make the practice accessible and safe for anyone. This is a perfect class for the absolute beginner or those with mobility issues, but it also has benefit to the experienced yogi who may have spent more time in faster flowing classes. Taking the time to slow it down and get into the subtlety of yoga will surely enhance any level of practitioner. After finding this deeper understanding of how your body and mind work, we then learn ways to give them the support and release they may need. This is the therapy of yoga.



This series is focused on fine tuning the intermediate exercises while gaining strength and confidence, enabling students to move on to some of the advanced repertoire.  Experience with Pilates is necessary.


The Primary Series is known as yoga chakitsa or yoga therapy. It is a practice to help cleanse the body of unbalanced tension, toxins, and thoughts. It also brings us into more conscious awareness of our core muscles (bandhas), breath, and the present moment.

This is a vigorous practice but there are many ways to modify postures for beginners or those with mobility issues so we may all access the therapy this style has to offer. Appropriate for generally fit beginners or novices, or those with minor mobility issues. No experience necessary.


Prenatal yoga classes are designed with the health and comfort of both you and your baby in mind. The poses will help to reduce pain in the back, hips and legs in addition to helping you maintain good posture throughout your pregnancy, and giving you meditation and breathing techniques for labour and delivery. These gentle stretches will also help you prepare for the birth by toning the pelvic floor, allowing for a more relaxed yet controlled delivery with fewer complications and enhanced postnatal healing.  Prenatal yoga will help to prepare your body and mind for the transition into being a mother and staying in clear communication with yourself and your baby. No experience necessary. Mats, props, and water available at the studio.

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